Highlights and low-points of ED526b

I really enjoyed taking this class for one main reason–I was able to learn a lot about tech tools that will help me in my own teaching–so I’d say that that was the highlight of the class for me. Specifically, I loved learning about screencasting, geogebra, and Wolfram Alpha. These our tools that will allow me to better show students certain types of tasks, such as finding a solution to a system of linear equations. Use of these tools will also help create student buy-in because, in general, I think students get at least a little “pshyched-up” when they are able to use computers in class.

I would say that the low points for me were the number of tasks to be completed each week.  Because of the number of tasks, I felt like I could not devote enough time to any one task. Perhaps I am the only who felt like this–this summer was an incredibly hectic time for me! I would have like to be able to spend more time on certain tasks so that I would feel more comfortable using the tech tools in the future. In a future class, I would devote an entire class discussion to building a task, perhaps using Geogebra. I think this collaboration would be a great way for students to see the power of such a tool, because we all have different ideas and different skills in certain areas.

If there was one part of this course that I would put in the “recycling bin,” I think it would be reviewing lesson plans found on the internet. Instead, I might take one really good lesson plan template created by one of the student’s. Students could even vote on which lesson plan is the best. Once selected, I would give the other students a specific part of the lesson to critique, or flesh out. Students could even work in teams on this task. I think the end product would be a very well put together lesson that could serve as a template or example to follow in our own classrooms. Wouldn’t it be cool to all work on one lesson? I think this would be very engaging and would force students to put their best leg forward.

Thanks for everything Maria–you are clearly a very talented person and have many great skills to share. Cheers and Giddyup!

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