Student task focused on data visualization

Do Now Activity: students will be shown 2 circles and will identify the angles measures within each circle.

Objective: SWBAT interpret and determine 4 out of 5 times single and double variable data as shown in circle, bar and line graphs.

I do: I will show two examples related to the objective and students will take notes

We do: We will work through several examples together. I will cold call on students to help complete the steps for each of 2 to 3 examples.

You do: Students will work on exercises independently while I circulate checking for understanding.

Exit Slip: Students will complete an exit slip at the end of the lesson that contains 5 problems related to the lesson.

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1 Response to Student task focused on data visualization

  1. ajw0812 says:

    Lesson plans with graphs can be so much fun. I took a look at this site:
    What I liked about it is that it gave a lot of good kid-friendly examples of all types of graphs. For example: how much does each topping weigh on a pizza.
    What I was thinking is that you can use these graphs in a few different ways. You might want to have one of them as your do now. I know the material is not yet covered, but ala Dy/Dan it would be interesting to ask the students what one of the graphs represented. I think many would get it. Also, you could use a lot of these during your instruction or for the daily assessment/exit slip.

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