Nick Provenzano’s “Everything I learned about tech integration I learned from movies.”

I just attended the above referenced session about tech integration in the classroom.

Here are the main points:
1. The info. is out there. There’s DIIGo, TAGXEDO and many more tools we can use to enhance what we are selling. Get out there and figure it out.
2. We are lifelong learners–go out there and research these tech tools
3. Use various tech tools–don’t put all your eggs in one basket
4. SNORE-FEST. Using tech tools will excite students. Don’t be the teacher who put you to sleep
5. Differentiation–web based projects is a great example of how we can pull in all students
6. Teaching with style–tech tools allow us to make our lessons cooler, more entertaining
7. Ask Questions–if you don’t know how to do something, ask
8. It’s not for us–we should not focus just on content but also technology–kids are going to need to know how to use the web
10. We are still teachers–need to master content and then look for tech tools to enhance presentation of content

I thought this was a great presentation becuase it helped me realize that even I can do these things. I’ve been hesitant to even begin looking into using the web to enhance my teaching becuase I assumed that you had to be a computer genius to do this. Not the case. I really liked what Nick said in his 10th point; namely, we are still teachers–we do need to master the content, and at that point, we can then go out there and look for tech tools to enhance our teaching. “I am a winner, I can do anything!” Thanks Nick!

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1 Response to Nick Provenzano’s “Everything I learned about tech integration I learned from movies.”

  1. Reading this makes me simply happy!

    Point 5 is important for me. Using technology allows us to pull in students because it’s interesting, but also because they can take on the roles of supporters, creators, and helpers. When I stumble with tech, students can rescue me. It is very empowering for them, in the context of math.

    I am going to catch the recording when it is up on Nick’s page: Following him on Twitter meanwhile.

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