To Bloom or not to Bloom

I found it very interesting looking into arguments for and against Bloom’s Taxonomy. For one, it was a little challenging to find many arguments against. The one that I did find can be found at the following link and focuses on the “unreliability” and “impracticality” of the taxonomy, which I did not buy into–the author says that Bloom’s taxonomy was made a long time ago and was not based on any research on learning, and that seemed to be the main basis for her stance.

Check it out and see what you think,


I believe that Bloom’s Taxonomy is a wonderful rubric to follow in the classrom. It is a logical stepladder that students and teachers can use to determine student mastery of objectives.

I think the practicality of Bloom’s Taxonomy, whether or not it was developed too long ago with no basis in educational research, is a formula for success that ensures that all children learn the necessary skills to meet grade level objectives.

I found a great example of application for Bloom's Taxonomy at the following link:

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